S-Patch Ex

$1,200.00 Inc GST

Small, Simple and Smart Wearable ECG Monitor Powered by Samsung Bio-Processor, S-Patch Cardio offers cardiologists with fast, comprehensive and accurate diagnostic support.

Key Benefits:

  • Ultralight Weight Wearable Device – S-Patch Ex is convenient to wear in everyday life, with only 9g of weight.
  • Accurate ECG Data – S-Patch Ex collects and projects highly accurate ECG data with HR rate of continuous 256 Hz/sec.
  • Cloud-based Data Analysis – With cloud-based intelligent algorithms, analysed data reports support medical operations to be more efficient.
  • Proven solution – S-Patch Ex is globally certified and used medical device.

Differentiator Factors

Light weight & Small

  • 8g - lightest on the market
  • Smallest contact to skin
  • Less noise (less artifacts during movement or activities)

Latest Technology

  • BLE 5.1
  • Onboard Memory (no data lost)
  • Water proof IP55
  • Motion sensor


  • Easy to attach by patient (self patching)
  • User friendly app connected using BLE
  • Single button operation (On/Off, Symptom log, Reset device)

Flexible Design

  • Line connected design enable vertical location for Lead II signal view
  • Clear P-Wave
  • Less noise from the line


  • 100% compatible with existing Electrodes on the market
  • Reusable coin battery (no recharge time needed)
  • Durable (reuse over 100 times)
  • No separate parts to buy
  • Cost effective

Additional Information

S-Patch Ex Instruction - How to Use: App

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